Who We Are.

DAG is a consulting firm assisting borrowers with swaps, derivatives and debt.  We are independent of any bank or broker.  We help clients design, negotiate and execute hedging programs for interest rates, foreign currency and commodities. We also provide hedge accounting and valuation services for FASB 133/157, GASB 53. DAG works for borrowers, putting banking industry veterans on their side of the table.  Let our expertise  and experience help you get the best terms and pricing from your bank.

Why Hire Us?

Save money…get good advice. Most borrowers get their only advice from the bank selling them the swap.  This is an obvious conflict of interest though, since a dollar in your pocket means a dollar out of the bank’s.  Banks have an incentive to recommend the most expensive swap for every situation, whether that makes sense for a borrower or not. DAG works only for you.  We’ll help you choose the right structure for your needs and we’ll work to negotiate the best terms and pricing for you.  We have a detailed understanding of lenders and their pricing systems, and we’ll walk you through all the complexities of hedging process.  Our expert pricing negotiation alone will pay our fees several times over. Read More


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