Get the Right Hedge with the Best Terms...

DAG is a consulting firm offering all aspects of advisory and accounting services for derivatives, swaps and debt.  This includes initiation and on-going management of interest rate swaps and caps, foreign currency and commodities hedging.

We help clients design, negotiate and execute derivative hedging programs. We also provide hedge valuation and FASB 133/157, GASB 53, Dodd-Frank accounting support.

DAG was formed with the knowledge that users of derivatives and swaps can benefit greatly from the objective advice of derivative industry veterans.

Why Hire Us?

To get the right hedge, with the best the best price.

We create value for our clients by obtaining the best structure for their hedging needs and saving them substantial financing costs. We have a detailed understanding of lenders and their processes, which qualify us to lead the client through the complexities of hedging process the banks will not. And our expert pricing negotiation alone typically pays for our fee several times over.

Most borrowers get their only hedging advice from the bank selling them the hedge. There is a potential conflict of interest in this case, since a dollar in your pocket means a dollar out of theirs.

Our market knowledge and pricing technology create transparency when executing a hedge contract.  This gives our clients the awareness of how much they are paying for a hedge and the restrictions a hedge may impose, allowing them to optimize the hedge structure, as well as their banking relationships.

Meet the Team

Vic Adams


Rob Rasmussen

New York

Greg Roukema