DAG fights for you to get the best deal from your bank…

Most borrowers get their only hedging advice from the bank selling them the hedge.  This is a conflict of interest in two ways:

A.    A bank makes the most money from getting the borrower to buy the biggest, longest swap.  Maybe that’s not the right swap for you.

B.    They’re not going to help you negotiate price.  A dollar in your pocket means a dollar from theirs.

DAG is an independent consulting firm.  We help clients design, negotiate and implement(1) interest rate swaps and other hedging programs.  Just as a good lawyer negotiates the best contract terms for you, we help you negotiate the best swap terms.

We handle interest rate, foreign currency and commodities hedging.  We also provide valuation and accounting support for FASB 133/157, GASB 53, and Dodd-Frank.

DAG was formed by banking industry veterans to provide independent and objective advice to borrowers and users of swaps and derivatives.

Why Hire Us?

DAG helps you get the Right hedge with the Best terms…

We create value for our clients by obtaining the best structure for their hedging needs and saving them financing costs. We have a detailed understanding of lenders and their processes, which qualify us to lead our clients through the complexities of the hedging process.  Our expert pricing negotiation alone will pays for our fee several times over.

Our market knowledge and pricing technology lets our clients know how much they are paying for a hedge as well as any potential drawbacks to a hedge.  This allows clients to optimize the hedge structure, as well as their banking relationships.

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