DAG provides a broad range of assistance to clients who are entering, amending or maintaining a hedge.  This could be an interest rate swap, a cap or the hedging of commodities and foreign currency. Our expert knowledge of markets, structures, providers, in conjunction with real time pricing and valuation, allows our clients to minimize their transaction fees.  This full transparency saves your company hidden bank charges over the term of the hedge.

It is becoming increasingly common for many banks to impose a mandatory hedging requirement on loans.  The hedges can be complex with additional restrictions or conditions, all of which result in additional fees.  From inception to termination, DAG will help you maintain your hedge efficiently through independent valuations and the provision of accounting services.

Contact DAG and let us reduce fluctuating interest rate risk and the associated expenses by allowing us to negotiate the terms of your swap or cap.


We help clients design their hedge programs with the right hedges, maturities and amounts. We identify your market risk, analyze hedge alternatives and work closely with your staff to build a consensus of hedge choice in the prevailing market environment.

Negotiation and Execution

We draft and negotiate the ISDA hedge documents, putting the most advantageous terms in place for our clients. We then help our clients execute the transaction at a competitive price, using our software pricing technology and market knowledge.

FAS 133/157 Accounting

DAG eliminates the complex burdens of FAS 133/157 and GASB 53 by producing hedge designation documentation at the time of execution, and then by providing clients with accounting and valuation services to fulfill these requirements.