Swap Rate and Value Calculator

The Value of .01% of Your Swap Rate

When negotiating a swap, an important thing to keep in mind is how much even a .01% change in the swap’s rate is worth to you. For example, on a 5-year, $10 million swap, a .01% lower rate is worth $4,700 to you. By negotiating just a little better rate, you can save a lot of money!

To calculate the value of .01% change in your swap rate:

Swap Amount ($)

Remaining term (months)

Value of .01% of Swap Rate

Market or Termination Value of a Swap

The moment a swap’s rate is set and locked in, its market value will increase or decrease as market interest rates rise or decline.

What’s your existing swap worth based on current market rates?

Depending on the difference between the swap contract rate and current market rate for a similar swap, the swap will have a negative or positive value. If the value is negative, the bank will charge you a termination cost to pay off the swap.

To calculate whether your swap has a negative or positive value for you:

Swap Amount ($)

Remaining term (months)

Fixed Swap Rate (%)

Current Market Swap Rate* (%)

Current Market Value of Swap**

* Call us if you need the current market rate.

** The amount you would have to pay (if negative), or might receive (if positive), to terminate the swap.